Gambling Addiction

Our client contacted us as she was suspicious about the behaviour of her partner. Her partner owned a dairy farm and a stud farm, but over the previous months our client had noticed that her partners financial position was precarious and he had spent less and less time at the farms and more time at the horse and dog race tracks. Our client was suspicious that her partner may be gambling. She had confronted him regarding the amount of money he was spending at the race track, but he denied everything. We were instructed to undertake a fourteen day surveillance and tail.

Counting Sheep

During the summer we were contacted by a client who needed a headcount of sheep on her husbands farms. She needed this information to prove his income as part of a separation case and maintenance application. The husband's affidavit of means showed that his income was low and this was therefore reflected in the amount our client would be awarded. The husband's affidavit claimed that he raised 400 sheep per year and that the birth of the lambs would bring the numbers to approximately 600. This meant that the husbands income was substantially lower than our client believed.

The Christmas Party

City Investigations deals with all areas of investigations and some of the most difficult cases for operatives are family law cases. Family law operatives are trained to be both thorough and sensitive. Our operatives conduct family law investigations on a daily basis. In Christmas 2009, a client contacted us, upset and afraid that his wife was having an affair. He believed that her behaviour was becoming more erratic and suspected she was seeing another man. He believed that his wife would use her upcoming Christmas party to meet this man and conduct her affair.

The Government in my Head

In 2008, we received one of the most unusual calls to our offices. The caller wanted to know if we could undertake a bug sweep. This service is usually required by commercial clients, but when our case manager requested to know the address of the property that was to be swept, the caller said there was no property. The case manager enquired as to where the sweep would take place. The caller explained that the bug was in his head. The caller believed that the government had abducted him and planted a bug in his brain.

The Killer in Me

Another strange call came into our offices in 2009. The caller, who was living in another country but originally came from Ireland, rang to request that an operative attend his home town and enquire about possible murders that the caller thought he may have committed the previous summer when he was home on holidays. The caller explained that he had been home some months previous, had been involved in an altercation with several people and believed that he may have killed some of them.

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